About Us

Image Circuit, Inc. “An Environmentally Pro-Active Manufacturer” of printed circuit boards, offers teflon stripline, microstrip and metal-backed circuits for various microwave and RF applications.

Since 1985, Image Circuit’s TQM circuitry assisted by an SPC program has created a standard touted by a myriad of satisfied customers. Plating finishes with cutting-edge technology produced through process and equipment innovations are setting additional new standards.

Our advanced state-of-the-art metallurgical lab, experienced engineering staff, customized manufacturing capabilities and a bar code order-tracking-system for assurance of on-time delivery, are your guarantee of quality products for your unique PTFE requirement

Review Image Circuit Inc.’s quality standards, plating capabilities, equipment, available approved materials and commitment to service; then compare our cost for your next application for the latest and most complete technology in microwave and RF circuitry.

For high quality, fast turn, cost competitive prototypes and total customer satisfaction, you can count on Image Circuit, Inc.