• GR, GY, GP, GX, GT, GI (glass-filled woven, non-woven PTFE, ceramic filled Teflon, polyimide)
  • Duroid
  • Metal-backed aluminum, brass, copper with specialty finishes
  • All above materials conform to applicable suffix number of MIL-P-13949G
  • BEND/FLEX 1400 & 2400 series


  • PTH with surface-to-hole ratio of 1.1:1 with aspect ratio of 18:1
  • Controlled plating thickness distribution variation from center to panel edges of less than 8%
  • Separate front-to-back retification eliminates thickness variation due to circuit versus land area differences
  • Consistent elongation of 28 with tensile strength of 48K psi

Electrolytic & Electroless Deposited Metals…

  • Copper
  • Tin-lead
  • Tin
  • Nickel
  • Gold (soft, hard)
  • Immersion tin
  • Silver
  • Special finishes: anodizing (clear coat or colors), electropolishing, conversion coating, chromate coatings


  • Trace widths and air gaps of .003″
  • Etching tolerances of +/- .0005″ on trace widths and air gaps maintained on 1 oz. copper


  • Excellon Mark VI Drillers with air bearing spindles
  • CNC machining for metal-backed boards


  • Multi-layer capability to customer specification
  • Conductive boning of printed circuit boards to aluminum, brass and copper. Resistance


  • Original film
  • Mylars
  • CAD/CAM utilizing Gerber data, Autocad (DXF, DWG, HPGL) formats
  • American Standard Computer Information Exchange (ASCII)
  • Files received via modem, disc, or Internet